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You may not have lost everything. Its often not too late.

THE most important consideration of home computing is protecting your important data such as precious memories in the form of photos, your important documents and your contacts and emails. Don't risk catastrophic data loss! Let us put in place a reliable cloud or hard drive based backup system for you now. If your hard drive has died do not despair as we have ways of recovering your data from even the deadest of drives.


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Data Backup


Over time you just can't help but accumulate important data on your computer in the form of emails, contacts, documents and photos. Computers can crash without warning and hard drives sometimes can't be recovered and all your files lost in an instant with sometimes serious ramifications. Data can also encrypted by malware or wiped by an incompetent technician doing some work on your PC. For these reasons and more, it’s important to regularly backup your important data to somewhere else in the event of a computer crash. Depending on your needs, we have a variety of backup options from simple USB stick options to offsite cloud backup. We also automate the process so you don't even have to think about it, and can optionally monitor your backups from our office and alert you if something isn't working right so it can be fixed.

Data Recovery

If your computer refuses to start it may be that where all the files on your laptop or PC are stored (i.e. the hard drive) has failed in some way. If you have important data on that hard drive like emails, contacts, document and photos, we may be able to recover these.

We remove the hard drive from your PC or laptop computer and go to work on it and happily in 95% of cases we success in recovering all or most of your data. Ideally you have a regular backup system in place (see the column on the left for more info on this) in which case the time and expense of recovering data is avoided. But that's in a perfect world and our world is far from perfect. Call us today to start the process of getting your data back.

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